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258 NGC AU Star Gallienus Egypt Alexandria Tetradrachm Serapis Bust Pedigree (23080202C)

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  • Almost Uncirculated dated Emperor Gallienus Roman Egypt Alexandria billon tetradrachm coin.
  • 10.26g, Emmett 3740/6, rated as R4 (extremely rare).
  • Minted during Gallienus' 6th (L S) Alexandrian year = 258/9 CE.
  • Pedigree: Kellner plate coin, 15, 3.
  • Certified by NGC to AU Star, strike 5/5, surface 4/5. (very high subgrades for this type).
  • The Star designation indicates that the coin has exceptional eye appeal, usually derived from some impressive aspect(s) of the strike, surface or style.
  • Obverse: draped and cuirassed bust of Gallienus right.
  • Reverse: bust of Serapis wearing crown left, date letters L S.
  • Serapis or Sarapis is a Graeco-Egyptian God. The cult of Serapis was created during the third century BC on the orders of Greek Pharaoh Ptolemy I Soter of the Ptolemaic Kingdom in Egypt as a means to unify the Greeks and Egyptians in his realm. The cultus of Serapis was spread as a matter of deliberate policy by the Ptolemaic kings. Serapis continued to increase in popularity during the Roman Empire, often replacing Osiris as the consort of Isis in temples outside Egypt.