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My passion for coins began when I was a kid living in Turkey in the 1960s.   I would go the bazaar in Izmir and find the guys with old coins.  There were baskets full of ancient Roman and modern coins to explore.  I would spend hours running my hands through the basket looking and buying coins.  It got me started.

Caesars Ghost Numismatics has been selling online since 1996.  We have the experience needed to acquire and market high quality coins.  We have an extensive inventory of high grade certified coins from the ancient Roman & Roman Egyptian periods and the modern era from the 1500s.  We strive for a high degree of accuracy in our product images to capture every aspect of eye-appeal. Customer service and happiness is the number ONE priority.

All of the coins we sell are guaranteed authentic, unless otherwise clearly identified as a copy.  Many of the coins in our inventory have been certified as authentic by NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Company) and PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service).  In addition these companies assign a quality grade to the coin.  The coins are encapsulated in a plastic holder to preserve and protect the coin from damage.  The NGC or PCGS holder enhances the value of the coin and confidence that it is authentic as well as enhancing the resale value.


Since 1996, Caesars Ghost Numismatics has offered an expanding inventory of Rare World Coins and Ancient Coins.  Caesars Ghost Numismatics is an authorized NGC and PCGS dealer.


Bruce Raplee, President, Caesars Ghost Numismatics is a member of the ANA.