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246 NGC Ch VF Egypt Alexandria Philip I Tetradrachm Nike Inscribing Shield Pedigree (23111002C)

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  • Choice Very Fine Roman Egypt Alexandria tetradrachm billon silver coin.
  • Struck for Emperor Philip I at the Alexandria Mint.
  • Minted in the Emperor's 4th regnal year, denoted by Greek letter Delta = 246/47 CE.
  • Pedigree: Ex. CNA (precursor to CNG) Auction XIV, March 1991, lot 514 with ticket.
  • Obverse: Draped bust of Emperor facing right.
  • Reverse: Nike facing right inscribing upon shield supported on column, L Delta.
  • Nike or Victory was the personification of military triumph by the Roman Legions.
  • This is the only year wherein this reverse type was used for Philip or his family.
  • A major military victory over the Carpi occurred 247 CE, this reverse may commemorate that event.
  • Emmett 3496/4, 13.54g, approx 23mm.
  • Certified by NGC to Ch VF, brown patina.