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246 NGC Ch VF Alexandria Philip II Caesar Tetradrachm Triptoleomos Serpent Biga (20090904C)

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  • Choice Very Fine Philip II billon silver Roman Egypt Alexandria tetradrachm coin, 12.29g.

  • Issued for Philip as Caesar during the reign of his father Emperor Philip I. Philip II was elevated as Co-Emperor during year 4. 

  • Minted in the Emperor's 4th regnal year, denoted by Greek letter Delta = 246/247 CE.

  • Obverse: Draped/Cuirassed bare head of Caesar facing right with full legends. 

  • Reverse: Triptoleomos standing right in Serpent Biga (chariot), date letters L Delta above. 

  • Emmett 3608/4, rated as R2.

  • Triptolemus was a demi-god of the Eleusinian mysteries who presided over the sowing of grain-seed and the milling of wheat. He was one of the Eleusinian princes who hospitably received the goddess Demeter when she was mourning the loss of her daughter.

  • The Triptolemus/Serpent biga type was seldom used on Alexandrian coinage.

  • Pedigree: Ex. CNG catalog sale from the 1990s with their ticket.