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236 NGC Ch XF Star Maximus Caesar Egypt Alexandria Tetradrachm Sarapis 5/5 5/5 (19041804C)

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  • Elusive Dated Egypt tetradrachm coin minted for Caesar Maximus during the reign of his Father, Emperor Maximinus.
  • Very rare quality designations with Star, Fine Style and maximum Strike and Surface subgrades!
  • NGC Certified to Ch XF Star, Strike 5/5, Surface 5/5, additionally denoted as Fine Style.
  • The Star designation indicates that the coin has exceptional eye appeal,
    usually derived from some impressive aspect(s) of the strike, surface or style.
  • Dated to the Emperor's 3rd regnal year denoted by Greek letter Gamma = 236/7 CE.
  • Emmett: 3316/3. 
  • Obverse: Draped & cuirassed bare head right.
  • Reverse: Helios bust right, L gamma (date).
  • Emperor Maximinus appointed his son Maximus Caesar around 236 CE, but he held little real power. Both were murdered by the Praetorian Guard in May 238 CE, during the Siege of Aquileia in the Year of the Six Emperors. 
  • Helios was the Sun god worshipped by the ancient Greeks.
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