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155 NGC F Marcus Aurelius Caesar Roman Egypt Alexandria Tetradrachm Dikaiosyne Year 19 (18101502C)

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  • Dated Roman Egypt Marcus Aurelius billon tetradrachm issued while Caesar under Emperor Antoninus Pius, silvered, 12.91g.
  • Minted in the 19th Alexandrian year of Emperor Antoninus Pius = 155/156 CE.
  • Superb, detailed portrait as a young man. 
  • Obverse: draped bust of Marcus Aurelius right.
  • Reverse: Dikaiosyne seated right on throne holding scales and cornucopia.
  • Dikaiosyne was the personified spirit of righteousness and justice.
  • Emmett 1839/19 rated as R2.
  • Pedigree: Ex. CNG.
  • Certified authentic by NGC to Ch F.