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111 NGC F Trajan Alexandria Egypt AE Drachm Emperor Riding Elephants Chariot (19062304C)

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  • Dated Emperor Trajan Roman Alexandria Egypt AE drachm coin, 21.3g, 34mm. 
  • Certified authentic by NGC to Ch F, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5, nice brown/green patina.
  • Note that NGC label states "elephant biga", whereas is should read "elepant quadriga". 
  • Minted in Emperor's 15th Alexandrian year, denoted by letters IE (15) = 111/112 CE.
  • Obverse: full legends, laureate bust of Trajan right.  
  • Reverse: Trajan holding scepter surmounted by eagle, riding in a chariot right pulled by 4 elephants, date L IE.    
  • Emmett 462/15.