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146 NGC Ch VF Antoninus Pius Roman Egypt Alexandria Year 10 Sarapis Bust Pedigree (23111604C)

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  • Choice Very Fine dated Emperor Antoninus Pius Roman Egypt Alexandria billon tetradrachm coin.
  • Dated to the Emperor's 10th regnal year denoted by Greek letters L DEKATOV = 146/7 CE.
  • NGC Certified to Ch VF, approx 25mm, 11.63g.
  • Pedigree: Ex. Wetterstrom Collection, CNA VIII (precursor to CNG), 9/27/89, Lot 268 (with auction ticket).
  • Emmett: 1426/10, Rated R2.
  • Obverse: Laureate head of Emperor facing right. 
  • Reverse: Bust of Egyptian God Sarapis facing right, surrounded by date spelled out: L DEKATOV.