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29 BC NGC XF Octavian Augustus Roman Imperatorial Denarius Column Actium Naval Victory Commemorative Pedigree (23022802C)

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  • Extremely Fine Octavian (later Augustus), as Consul, Roman Imperatorial denarius coin.
  • Struck at an Italian mint, 29 BC.
  • RIC 271, RSC 124, Foss 11 (attributed to 29 BC), 3.81g, approx 19mm.
  • Pedigree: Ex. Malter, Rindge Collection, 3/1985, Lot 1945.
  • Part of a historically significant emission consisting of a Triple Triumph for victories of Illyricum, Actium and Egypt (defeat of Anthony and Cleopatra in naval and ground campaigns). 
  • This denarius specially appears to commemorate Octavian's monumental naval victory over Anthony and Cleopatra at Actium. The denarius reverse depicts Octavian standing on a Rostral Column decorated with rams (bronze ramming prows) from captured or destroyed enemy ships.  
  • Obverse: anepigraphic, Head of Apollo facing right.
  • Reverse: IMP CAESAR, Octavian standing atop Rostral Column decorated with ramming prows.
  • Certified by NGC to XF, Strike 4/5, Surface 2/5. Scratches (well blended and not very distracting).
  • Well struck and beautifully toned.
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