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654 NGC MS Constans II Gold Solidus Byzantine Empire Mint State Constantinople Mint Coin (19010402C)

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  • Emperors Constans II Pogonatus (641-668 CE), with his son Constantine IV Byzantine Empire AV gold solidus coin minted at Constantinople, 9th officina between 654 to 668 CE, 20mm, 4.49g, Sear 959.
  • Obverse: d N CONStA-tINЧS Є CONStANt, facing busts of Constans II (on left), wearing long beard and mustache, and Constantine IV (on right) beardless, both wearing crown and chlamys pinned at right shoulder, cross above between them . 
  • Reverse: VICTORIA-AVΣЧ Θ (theta, 9th officina), cross potent set on three steps; CONOB (mintmark) below. 
  • Certified Mint State and authentic by NGC to MS, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5, highly lustrous, flashy surfaces.
  • Amazingly detailed, a beautiful example of ancient art.
  • The reign of Constans II saw the permanent and significant loss of Egypt to the Arabs 642 CE. His son Constantine IV was named co-emperor in 654 CE.
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