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62 NGC Ch XF Nero Antioch AR Tetradrachm Syria Roman Empire Provincial Eagle (20120801C)

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  • Dated Choice Extremely Fine Roman Empire Provincial AR silver tetradrachm coin minted for Roman Emperor Nero (reigned 54-68 CE) at Antioch, Syria. 
  • Minted during Nero's regnal year 9 and year 111 of the Caesarean Era (= 62/3 CE).
  • High grade, well struck, nicely centered with complete legends and dates.
  • Rare quality ancient coin from the Julio-Claudian dynasty.
  • Obverse: NERΩN KAIΣAP Σ-EBAΣTOΣ, laureate bust facing right, aegis on back of neck.
  • Reverse:  ETOYΣ-AIP Θ, Eagle standing on fulmen (thundebolt)/branch facing right, palm branch to right, date letters to left (AIP Θ= 111 & 9).
  • Certified by NGC to Ch XF, Strike 4/5, Surface 5/5.