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578 NGC Ch XF Tiberius II Constantine Byzantine Empire Follis Superb (21082902C)

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  • Dated Choice Extremely Fine Byzantine Empire Emperor Tiberius II Constantine follis coin.
  • Tiberius Constantine reigned 578-582 CE.
  • Certified by NGC to Ch XF, full legends, broad flan, well struck & superb!
  • Looks nicer than the assigned grade.
  • Æ Follis (40 nummia), 38mm, 18.52g, Constantinople mint, Officina A. Struck 578/9 CE, Sear 430.
  • Obverse: Crowned bust facing, wearing consular robes and holding mappa and eagle tipped scepter, cross to right.
  • Reverse: Large M, cross above, ANNO to left and reign year (y = 5) to right, in ex: CONA. 
  • Tiberius II Constantinus, born Thrace, died Aug. 14, 582, Constantinople. Emperor succeeded in defending the empire against the Persians to the east but suffered reverses in conflicts with the Avars and the Slavs to the north and west.