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569 Justin II Sophia Byzantine Follis Nicomedia Year 5 Year 6 (22100901R)

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  • Lot of two dated Emperor Justin II (565 to 578 CE) & Empress Sophia Byzantine Empire follis ancient copper coins.
  • Sear 369: denomination M = 40 nummia = follis, NIKO = Nicomedia mint, reign year = ANNO u = 569/70 and ANNO y = 570/70 CE, Second Officina = B.
  • Year 5: approx: 28mm, 13.06g.
  • Year 6: approx: 28mm, 12.75g
  • Obverse: Justin on left holding globus cruciger in right hand, and Sophia on right with cruciform scepter in right hand, both nimbate and seated facing on throne.
  • Reverse: Large M (mark of value), A/N/N/O to left, u or y (date) to right, cross above, officina letter B below, NIKO (mintmark) in exergue.
  • Justin II c. 520 – 5 October 578 was Eastern Roman Emperor from 565 to 578. He was the husband of Sophia, nephew of Justinian I and the Empress Theodora, and was therefore a member of the Justinian Dynasty. His reign was marked by war with the Sassanid Empire, and the loss of the greater part of Italy. He presented the Cross of Justin II to Saint Peter's, Rome.