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562 NGC Ch XF Ravenna Justinian I Byzantine Empire Decanummium (19070602C)

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  • Rare dated (reign year 36 = 562/563 CE) ancient Byzantine Empire coin from the reign of Emperor Justinian I the Great (527-565 CE), minted at Ravenna, Italy, 4.3g, 17mm. 

  • Denomination I = 10 nummia = 1/4 follis.

  • Sear Byzantine Coins 326.

  • Obverse: D N IVSTINIANVS PP AV, Helmeted, cuirassed bust of Justinian facing, holding globus cruciger and shield.

  • Reverse: Large I (mark of value = Decanummium = 1/4 follis), A/N/N/O to left, XXXVI (date = reign year 36) to right. 

  • Certified by NGC to Ch XF, Strike 4/5, Surface 3/5, smoothing is noted.

  • The Byzantine church in Ravenna is one of the most beautiful of that era.