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527 NGC F Justin I & Justinian I Byzantine Empire Follis Nicomedia Mint Rare Joint Reign Coin (18121602C)

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  • Rare ancient Byzantine Empire coin from the joint reign of Emperors Justin I & Justinian I minted 4 April to 1 August 527 CE, 16.47g, 32mm. 
  • Demonation M = 40 nummia = 1 follis, Nicomedia mint (NIKM), officinia A.
  • Sear Byzantine Coins, 127.
  • Obverse: D N IUSTINVS D N IVSTINIVS, Pearl-diademed, drapted and cuirassed bust of Justin right, seen from front.
  • Reverse: Large M (mark of value), star to left, cross above and to right, A below, NIKM in exergue. 
  • Certified by NGC to F, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5.
  • Prior to his death Justin elevated his nephew, Justinian, to the rank of co-emperor, thus ensuring a smooth succession.