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46 BC Gnaeus Pompey Jr Roman Republic Imperator Denarius Hispania Standing NGC XF (18091104C)

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  • Roman Republic denarius, 19mm, 3.61g, issued 46-45 BC, Crawford 469/1.
  • NGC Certified  to XF, Strike 4/5, Surface 3/5.
  • Gnaeus Pompey Jr. as Imperator (48-45 BC).
  • Spain, Corduba, 46-45 BC.
  • Obverse: M • POBLICI LEG PRO-PR, head of Roma right, wearing Italic helmet, dotted border.
  • Reverse: CN • MAGNVS • IMP, Hispania standing right, with shield on back, holding two spears in left hand and with right hand giving palm-branch to soldier who is standing left on prow of ship. Crawford 469/1.