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38 NGC VF Pontic Kingdom Nero & Polemo II AR Drachm Roman Empire (19090202C)

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  • Very Fine Claudian dynasty Pontic Kingdom Greek Imperial silver coin minted between 38 to 64 CE featuring a double royal portraits.
  • Certified by NGC to VF. 
  • AR silver drachm, approx. 18mm, 3.54g, Sear Greek Imperial Coins 5425 minted Pontos.
  • Obverse: Laureate (variant, not diademed) head Polemo II right, complete Greek legend.
  • Reverse: Laureate head of Nero right. 
  • Following the defeat of Mithradates VI by Pompey the Pontic Kingdom was split up.  The Eastern part of Pontus was given to Polemo I (36 BC) by Mark Antony.  In 64 CE Nero annexed Pontus, bringing the dynasty of Polemo to an end.
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