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36 BC NGC VF Octavian Roman Imperatorial Denarius Temple Divus Julius Caesar Commemorative Coin (18100805C)

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  • Octavian (Augustus) Roman Imperatorial Denarius, 3.76g, Craford 540/2, Foss 83, issued 36 BC.
  • Certified by NGC to VF, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5.
  • Historically significant emission to celebrate the construction of the temple of Divus Julius (Julius Caesar) in Rome.  Temple was completed in 29 BC. 
  • Obverse: IMP CAESAR DIVI F III VIR ITER R P C, bare head right.
  • Reverse: COS ITER ET TER DESIG, Tetrastyle temple with veiled figure within and DIVO IVL on architrave, star in pediment.  
  • The Temple of Caesar or Temple of Divus Iulius also known as Temple of the Deified Julius Caesar or Temple of the Comet Star, is an ancient structure in the Roman Forum of Rome, Italy, located near the Regia and the Temple of Vesta. The Temple was dedicated by Augustus in 29 BC. The high platform on which the temple was built served as a rostra (Rostra Juli) and, like the Rostra at the opposite end of the Forum, was decorated with the beaks of ships taken at the battle of Actium.
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