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214 NGC MS Caracalla Roman Empire Denarius Liberalitas Donative Commemorative (20120901C)

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  • Uncirculated Mint State Emperor Caracalla Roman Empire silver denarius ancient coin.
  • Mint State silver denarius of Emperor Caracalla as a mature man.
  • Rome mint, 2.86g, RIC 302, RSC 139, Foss 85 (issued 214 CE).
  • Historic commemorative emission to celebrate victories on the frontier, likely issued as part of Donative number 9 to the people of Rome.
  • Certified by NGC to MS, well struck with nice luster. 
  • Superb style portrait of the emperor and reverse presentation of Liberalitas, coin dispenser and cornucopia.
  • Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG GERM, laureate bust of emperor facing right.
  • Reverse: LIBERAL AVG VIIII, Liberalitas standing left holding coin dispenser and cornucopia.
  • Liberalitas was the virtue of giving freely (from liber, "free"), hence generosity. On coins the personification of Liberalitas would be depicted as displaying largess or a donative of coins to the Roman people.