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213 NGC XF Caracalla Roman Empire Denarius Emperor & Standard Bearer (18100201CZ)

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  • Emperor Caracalla Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Silver, 19mm, 3.22g, RSC 509a, RIC 226v (extremely rare variety not listed), Foss 77.
  • Certified by NGC to XF, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5.
  • Historic type issued to celebrate the Emperor's departure for campaigns in Germany, Foss dates to 213 AD (See Roman Historical Coins). 
  • Very rare variety with standard bearer very close to Caracalla and holding standard high aloft into area of legend (see picture in RSC).
  • Obverse: ANTONINVS AVG BRIT, laureate bust of emperor.
  • Reverse: PROFECTIO AVG,  Emperor in military dress standing right holding spear, behind, soldier standard bearer holding standard aloft.