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21 BC Augustus Roman Empire Quinarius VF Victory NGC Genuine Pedigree (21060608R)

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  • Very Fine Roman Empire Emperor Augustus AR silver quinarius coin.
  • Issued cira 21 BC, RIC 474 (rated as Rare), Sear 1643 attributed to North Peloponnesian Mint.
  • Quinarius is a rare denomination = 1/2 denarius.
  • Emperor Augustus, ruled 27 BC to 14 CE.
  • Approx 14mm, 1.54g.
  • RIC associates this issue with Augustus' visit to Greece in 21 BC.
  • Assessed by NGC as genuine, but not encapsulated due to concerns about the coin being fragile in the NGC holder. David Vagi, director NGC Ancients, confirmed with us that the coin would have been labeled as "not genuine" if that was applicable. Therefore the coin is a genuine ancient quinarius.
  • Pedigree: Ex. Rindge Collection, Joel Malter Auction XXIX, 1985, Lot 1954.
  • Obverse: AVGVSTVS, bare head right.
  • Reverse: No legend, Victory standing left on prow of ship, holding wreath and palm.