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202 NGC Ch XF Plautilla Roman Empire Denarius Pietas Wife of Caracalla Pedigree (19042803C)

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  • Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Struck for Empress Plautilla, wife of Emperor Caracalla between 202 and 205 CE.
  • 3.30g, RIC 367 (rated as scarce) Foss 3 (attributed to 202 CE).
  • Pedigree: Ex. Empire Coins, Auction 9, 4/30/1988, Lot 331.   
  • Certified by NGC to Ch XF (toned with underlying luster).
  • Commemorative issue minted to celebrate the marriage of Caracalla and Plautilla in 202 CE, during the decennalia reign celebration for Emperor Septimius Severus. 
  • Obverse: PLAVTILLA AVGVSTA, Bust draped right, hair firmly waived and drawn down on neck.
  • Reverse: PIETAS AVGG, Pietas standing right holding scepter and child.
  • Caracalla was forced to marry Plautilla causing great unhappiness. Caracalla exiled Plautilla to the Lipari Islands were she was murdered 205 CE.
  • Pietas is a Goddess of duty, loyalty and piety.