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202 NGC AU Caracalla Roman Empire Denarius War Galley Historic Ancient Silver Coin (20042001C)

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  • Roman Empire silver denarius, 3.18g, RIC 120 (rated as scarce), Foss 18, issued 202 CE for Emperor Caracalla.
  • Almost Uncirculated silver denarius of Emperor Caracalla as boy and co-Emperor with his father Septimius Severus.
  • Certified by NGC to AU. 
  • Superb style portrait of the youthful emperor and reverse detail of war galley under oar to the left. Details of the rowers, passengers and galley are depicted. The galley shows the oars propelling the ship, sail and ramming beak, signum and aquila at stern.
  • Historic commemorative type issued 202 CE to celebrate the return of the Emperors to Rome from Egypt.
  • Obverse: ANTONINVS PIVS AVG, laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of emperor.
  • Reverse: ADVENT AVGG, galley being rowed to the left, crew and passengers are depicted.