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196 NGC XF Julia Domna Denarius Roman Empire Laetitia Pedigree (21041302C)

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  • Empress Julia Domna Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Minted at Rome between 196 to 211 CE during the reign of her husband Emperor Septimius Severus.
  • Mature portrait of the Empress & detailed treatment of Laetitia.
  • Approx. 18mm, 2.26g, RIC 561, RSC 101. 
  • Certified by NGC to XF, edge marks.
  • Pedigree: Ex. Empire Coins Auction #7, 5/2/87, Lot 420 (includes auction ticket).
  • Obverse: JULIA AVGVSTA, draped bust right with hair braided in waves and tucked into a large chignon.
  • Reverse: LAETITIA, Laetitia standing left holding wreath & rudder.
  • Laetitia, deriving from the root word laeta, meaning "happy", "glad", "lucky", "successful", "prosperous", "luxurious", "lush", or "abounding", was a minor Roman goddess of gaiety. Her name was used to mean happiness with prosperity and abundance.