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196 NGC XF Julia Domna Denarius Roman Empire Ceres Pedigree (21041301C)

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  • Empress Julia Domna Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Minted at Rome between 196 to 211 CE during the reign of her husband Emperor Septimius Severus.
  • Mature portrait of the Empress & detailed treatment of Ceres.
  • Approx. 18mm, 3.36g, RIC 546 (rated as Scarce), RSC 14. 
  • Certified by NGC to XF.
  • Pedigree: Ex. CNA VI (precursor to CNG), 3/1/89, Lot 484 (includes auction ticket).
  • Obverse: JULIA AVGVSTA, draped bust right with hair braided in waves and tucked into a large chignon.
  • Reverse: CERERI FRVGIF, Ceres seated left holding grain ears & torch.
  • Ceres was the Roman Goddess of agriculture, fertility, grains, the harvest, motherhood, the earth, and cultivated crops. An appropriate reverse type for this Empress who ensured the continuity of the Severan Dynasty with two sons.