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194 NGC XF Roman Empire Clodius Albinus Denarius Felicitas Rare (20010304C)

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  • Clodius Albinus Roman Empire silver denarius, 2.77g, RIC 4 (rated as Rare), issued 194/5 CE, as Caesar under Emperor Septimius Severus.
  • NGC Certified to XF, Strike 4/5, Surface 4/5.
  • OB: D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head right.
  • RX: FELICITAS COS II, Felicitas standing left holding caduceus and scepter.
  • When Septimius Severus returned to Rome after the death of Didius Julianus he offered the rank of Caesar to his Western rival Clodius Albinus to obtain a free hand against his Eastern rival Pescennius Niger.  Albinus was governor of Britain but appears to have been in control of the Western provinces duing Severus' campaigns in the East.
  • Felicitas ("fruitful, blessed, happy, lucky") is the Goddess and personification of good luck and success. Felicitas could encompass both a woman's fertility, and a general's luck or good fortune. She had a temple in Rome and her festivals were on July 1st and October 9th. She was frequently portrayed on coins as a symbol of the wealth and prosperity of the Roman Empire.