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194 NGC VG Septimius Severus Sestertius Rare Hercules Bacchus Niger (23110801C)

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  • Very Rare dated Emperor Septimius Severus Roman Empire bronze sestertius coin.
  • 24.60g, approx 28mm, issued 194 CE from Rome Mint, RIC 669 (R2), Foss 7.
  • Historic emission issued 194 CE to honor Hercules and Bacchus, patron gods of Sererus' home, Lepcis Magna in North Africa to invoke their aid against Niger.
  • Certified by NGC to VG.
  • Obverse: L SEPT SEV PERT AVG IMP III, laureate head of emperor facing right.
  • Reverse: DIS AVSPICIB TR P II COS II P P / S C, Hercules and Bacchus standing left side by side, Hercules holding club and lion skin, Bacchus holding cup and thyrsus, at feet panther.
  • Hercules is the son of Jupiter and the mortal Alcmena. Hercules is famous for his strength and for his numerous far-ranging adventures.
  • Bacchus is a Roman god primarily associated with wine, agriculture, and fertility. He was also the patron of the arts and the protector of the theater.