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193 NGC XF Septimius Severus Roman Empire Denarius Virtus First Coinage (21060501C)

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  • Extremely Fine Emperor Septimius Severus Roman Empire Rome Mint AR silver denarius coin.
  • 3.72g (heavy flan), RIC 24, RSC 752.
  • Earliest emission type for Severus minted 193 to 194 CE.
  • Superb large portrait of the Emperor.
  • NGC Certified  to XF. 
  • Obverse: IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG, laureate head right.
  • Reverse: VIRT AVG TR P COS, Virtus, helmeted standing left holding Victory & spear reversed.
  • Virtus was the goddess of bravery and military strength, the personification of the Roman virtue. This is likely a reference to the virtue of the Emperor during the civil wars with Niger.