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193 NGC XF Julia Domna Denarius Roman Empire Vesta Rome Mint (22030703C)

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  • Empress Julia Domna Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Minted at Rome between 193 to 196 CE during the reign of her husband Emperor Septimius Severus.
  • Early portrait style and full name given as Julia Domna.
  • Approx. 17mm, 3.08g, RIC 538 (rated as Scarce), RSC 221. 
  • Certified by NGC to XF.
  • Obverse: JULIA DOMNA AVG, draped bust right with hair braided in waves and tucked into a large chignon.
  • Reverse: VESTA, Vesta veiled seated left holding palladium and scepter.
  • Vesta was the goddess of the hearth, the home, and domestic life in the Roman religion.