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193 Lydia Tabala NGC XF Julia Domna Roman Provincial AE22 Cybele (20112102C)

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  • Empress Julia Domna (193-217 CE) Lydia, Tabala Roman Provincial AE22 copper ancient coin.
  • Wife of Emperor Septimius Severus, Mother of Emperors Caracalla & Geta.
  • Issued between 193-217 CE.
  • Sear: 2400.
  • 4.07g, approx. 21mm diameter.
  • Certified by NGC to XF (edge chips are noted).
  • Nice chocolate patina.
  • Pedigree: Ex Edward Waddell, from 1990s.
  • Well centered with nearly complete, readable legends.
  • Obverse: Draped bust of Julia Domna right.

  • Reverse: Cybele Enthroned left holding patera and resting on drum, lion to left at feet.