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1924 NGC PF 63 Cameo Zeppelin World Tour Hugo Eckener USS Los Angeles Silver Medal POP 1/0 (22042704C)

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  • Mint State Proof Cameo significant and historic silver medal issued to commemorate the first non-stop transatlantic flight (not to be repeated until Lindberg's flight in 1927).
  • Certified by NGC to PF 63, Population Census: this coin, none higher. Highly lustrous, mirror surfaces. Scratches are present on the holder.
  • Airship LZ 126 was delivered to the US Navy as part of Germany's WWI War Reparations and renamed USS Los Angeles (used for training purposes).
  • Beautiful in hand!
  • Obverse: Bust of Dr. Hugo Eckener
  • Reverse: View of Zeppelin in flight with significant flight dates: Friedrichshafen, Azores, Sable Island and stops within the United States (Boston, New York, Lakehurst).
  • Catalog: Kaiser-449.
  • 33mm, 15.1g, edge is stamped: 990