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1910 PCGS AU 50 Honduras 2 Centavos 2/1 Centavo Pyramid Coin POP 1/0 (20110204R)

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  • Almost Uncirculated Honduras 2 centavos coin, KM 69.
  • Variety with reverse die altered from one centavo die (KM 46) with "2" stamped over "1", and added "S" to CENTAVO. "1" is clearly visible.
  • The "2" is a small variety and the lower part of the date numeral "9" is filled appearing as a zero.
  • Certified by PCGS to AU 50, Population Census: This coin, none higher.
  • This type is normally seen extremely worn.
  • New PCGS holder with in-bedded chip for coin/holder verification (see shield icon on reverse side of holder).