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1875/6-Go NGC AU Det Mexico Silver 8 Reales Very Rare Overdate Coin (20092403C)

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  • Almost Uncirculated Mexico silver 8 reales coin.
  • Minted at Guanajuato Mint (Go mintmark).
  • Very Rare overdate variety with 1875/6.  
  • Certified by NGC to AU Details (Rev Scratched).
  • Dark toned with underlying luster.
  • Dunigan Go55: "The normal date is common, while the overdates are very rare."
  • A reverse year (1875/6) overdate is very unusual.  Dunigan gives a plausible explanation: "Perhaps at the end of 1875 there was an unexpected demand for more coinage... Assuming the 1875 dies were worn out and the new dies for 1876 were ready, ...took a new die for 1876 and repunched the last digit of the date with a 5."