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1872 PCGS XF Det Kashmir Rupee India Ranbir Singh Silver Coin (20101902C)

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  • Extremely Fine Kashmir (India State) silver rupee coin.
  • Minted for Ranbir Singh between 1872 and 1875.
  • Minted on "dump" planchet with initials "JHS" 6:00 on obverse, 6.94g.
  • The date numerals are partially off flan, but I propose the date VS 1930 (the dot for zero (dot) is completely off flan), which would make the issue date 1873.
  • Certified by PCGS to XF Details (Shroff Mark = Chop Mark), not distracting.
  • New PCGS holder with in-bedded chip for coin/holder verification (see shield icon on reverse side of holder).