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1855-Zs OM NGC AU 55 Mexico 8 Reales Silver Coin POP 2/3 (19080201C)

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  • Mexico silver 8 reales coin from Zacatecas (Zs) mint. 
  • Certified by NGC to AU 55, Population Census: 2 coins, only 3 higher (two AU58, only one MS)!
  • Well struck and Bright White with original luster.
  • Dunigan Zs35, cites as "This is one of the surprising 'sneaky scarce' coins that has long been lumped in as a 'common Zacatecas'. It can be elusive, sometimes the date is softly struck. This date is almost always in low grade like Fine or Very Fine and often with a few chopmarks. An Extremely Fine example should be considered high grade for this coin and anything better is exceptional".