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1842-Zs NGC AU Mexico 8 Reales Zacatecas Eagle 1841 Rare Silver Coin (23041601D)

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  • Almost Uncirculated Mexico silver 8 reales coin.
  • Struck at Zacatecas Mint (Zs mint mark), assayer OM.
  • Two die styles were used in 1842: Die style 1825-1842 and Die style 1842-1845.
  • The coin offered is from the earlier 1825-1842 die style, denoted by NGC as eagle type 1841.
  • Certified by NGC to AU Details Cleaned (not distracting).
  • Well struck with weak eagle center, some luster, very nice in hand.
  • Dunigan Zs22: "The die style of 1825-1842 is rare. The die style of 1825-1842 is usually found in VF condition."