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1837/6-Mo NGC AU Mexico 8 Reales Cap Rays Rare Overdate Silver Coin (24052501C)

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  • Almost Uncirculated Mexico silver 8 reales coin.
  • Rare early date struck at the Mexico City mint (mint mark Mo), assayer MM.
  • Overdate variety: 1837/6.
  • Certified by NGC to AU Details OBV SCRATCHED.
  • Lightly toned with significant luster, very attractive in hand.
  • Dunigan Mo19: "This date is very scarce. It is slightly more available than the 1837 ML. (under the 1837 ML, Dunigan notes: Along with the 1836 ML and the 1837 MM, this coin is the second rarest of the 1825-1846 period. Both the overdate and the overassayer are scarcer than the normal date. This coin is usually found Very Fine or slightly better, but softly struck."