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1835-Zs NGC MS 62 Mexico 8 Reales Rare Grade Mint State Zacatecas Silver Coin (19072603C)

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  • Mint State Mexico silver 8 reales Zacatecas (Zs) mint coin.
  • Certified by NGC to MS 62, Population Census: 2 coins, only 3 higher (one MS62, two MS64).
  • Dunigan Zs15, "Available  through Very Fine and often Extremely Fine and Almost Uncirculated. Uncirculated speciments are very scarce. This is the worst year for planchet crudeness and porosity.  Even high grade examples look terrible."
  • This coin has great eye appeal, is well struck and the planchet has minimal porosity.  Coin has considerable luster some underlying the toning. 
  • A conditional rarity!