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1813 NGC MS 61 France Marie Louise Paris Mint Visit Silver Medal Napoleon Bonaparte (23081901C)

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  • Mint State Uncirculated France commemorative silver medal.
  • Medal celebrating the visit to the Paris Mint by Marie Louise (Luisa), Empress of France.
  • Authorized by Napoleon I, dated 1813, struck at the Paris Mint.
  • Obverse: Diademed head of Maria Louise facing right, below, ANDRIEU F.
  • Reverse: A fly medal press; above, the monogram composed of the initial letters, M. L. encircled with a nimbus; on the upright supports of the press, at right, Victory engraving on her tablets the event; at left, History holding a scroll and wreath; on the cross bar, at top, the letter N with laurel branches; in exergue, IMPERATRICE MARIE LOUISE / A HONORE DE SA PRESENCE / LA M. DES MEDAILLES / MDCCCXIII; at sides of press in small lettering, BRENET F. DENON D.
  • Marie Louise was the daughter of Francis I of Austria and wife of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. She was the Empress of France from 1810 to 1814 and is depicted on this medal wearing the Imperial diadem.
  • Silver, 23mm, 6.49g.
  • Catalog: Bramsen-1303.
  • Certified by NGC to MS 61.
  • Toned with underlying luster.
  • Cornucopia edge mark denotes that this is a restrike issue.
  • Very scarce in silver.