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1803/1703-S Spain 4 Reales Charles IV Silver Seville Mint Coin (20121706R)

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  • Fine Spain silver 4 reales coin, a two year type, scarce denomination.
  • Approx. 32mm, 13.25g, dark toned.
  • Minted for Charles IIII at Seville (mintmark S), mint director: CN.
  • Definite overdate variety 1803/1703, apparently unpublished. NGC has graded a 1803/1795 variety. Interesting in that 1803 was the first year of issue for Seville. I propose the theory that an obverse die was obtained from another mint (such as Madrid, which did not produce 4 reales in 1803) with the date partially punched "17", re-engraved & completed with the current date and then paired with an existing Seville reverse die.
  • Nice original middle grade with nice patina.