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1794 NGC UNC SPENCE & INDIAN 1/2 Penny Conder Token Middlesex DH 684 (18090402CZ)

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  • Elusive Spence Condor token of 1794
  • Certified by NGC to UNC Details
  • Bust of Spence left, T. SPENCE 7 MONTHS IMPRISON'D FOR HIGH TREASON, signed JAMES / 1794 (4 is retrograde)
  • Indian standing holding bow and war hatchet, IF RENTS I ONCE CONSENT TO PAY MY LIBERTY IS PAST AWAY
  • Middlesex, Spence's D&H 684
  • History 
    • On 2 February 1796 Spence published an engraving, signed by his son W. Spence, in which a Disappointed Missionary addresses some Red Indians: 'God has enjoined you to be Christians to pay rents and tythes and become a civilized people.' They reply: 'If rents we once consent to pay / taxes next you'll on us lay / and then our freedoom's [sic] pass'd away'; the die obviously shares the same origin.