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1793 NGC MS 63 Hallan's Conder 1/2 Penny Glassware Warwickshire DH 131 (19082002C)

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  • Mint State Uncirculated Warwickshire Hallan's Condor 1/2 penny token coin. 
  • Elusive type with tabletop everyday glassware & ceramic utensils depicted.
  • D&H 131 (rated as "Scarce").
  • Certified by NGC to MS 63, glossy chocolate surfaces with a small amount of red on the reverse.  No RB or RED graded. 
  • Obverse:  Bust of Hallan left, WILLIAM HALLAN BIRMINGHAM / 1793.
  • Reverse: Teapot, cream jug, pitcher, wine glass, cup & saucer, DEALER IN GLASS AND STAFFORDSHIRE WARE.
  • Edge: milled.