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1792-I PCGS MS 62 France 12 Deniers Louis XVI Clermont-Ferrand Mint Coin POP 1/0 (24042502C)

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  • Mint State Uncirculated France 12 deniers coin.
  • Struck for Louis XVI after the French Revolution at the Clermont-Ferrand Provisional Mint (mint mark I with dot below).
  • Dual dated 1792 & year 4 from the Revolution.
  • Certified by PCGS to MS 62 BN, Population Census: This coin, NONE higher (NGC 0/0))!
  • Finest Known!!
  • At first glance this coin appears to have been produced at the Limoges Mint (mint mark I), but was minted at the provisional mint at Clermont-Ferrand. The Clermont-Ferrand mint borrowed dies from Limoges & installed a dot below the I mint mark to differentiate the provisional mint.