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175 NGC XF Commodus Caesar Roman Empire Denarius Liberalitas Unpublished Variety (19043001C)

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  • Commodus as Caesar, Roman Empire silver denarius, minted 175 CE, RIC 598v, RSC 291v, Foss 9.
  • Apparently unpublished obverse variety with draped & cuirassed portrait, not in RIC or RSC.
  • Issued as Caesar during the reign of his father Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  • Commemorative donative (Liberalitas) issue to celebrate the award of Princeps Iuventutis designating Commodus as heir to the throne. 
  • Certified by NGC to XF.
  • Obverse: COMMODO CAES AVG FIL GERM, draped & cuirassed bare head right.
  • Reverse: LIBERALITAS, Liberalitas standing front, head left holding coin dispenser and cornucopia.
  • Liberalitas was the virtue of giving freely (from liber, "free"), hence generosity. On coins the personification of Liberalitas would be depicted as displaying largess to the Roman people.