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175 Faustina Jr Roman Empire AE As Salus & Snake VF Ancient Coin (20112502R)

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  • Very Fine Roman Empire AE As coin minted for Empress Faustina Jr during her lifetime.
  • 28mm, 13.90g, RIC 1671, issued 156 to 175 CE.
  • Faustina Jr was consecrated by Emperor Marcus Aurelius (her husband) after her death 175 CE.  She died during a military campaign in the East in company with the Emperor.
  • Detailed portrait of the Empress with diadem. 
  • Obverse: FAVSTINA AVGVSTA, draped bust right with waived hair wearing diadem.
  • Reverse: SALVTI AVGVSTAE SC, Salus seated left feeding snake twined around altar.
  • Salus was the goddess of safety and welfare. Her temple on the Quirinal at Rome, dedicated in 302 BC, was the scene of an annual sacrifice on August 5.
  • Guaranteed genuine and as described.