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1741 Basel NGC AU 53 1/2 Thaler Dragon City View Swiss Canton Silver Coin (20092802C)

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  • Almost Uncirculated Basel Swiss Canton silver 1/2 thaler coin.
  • Obverse: Basel city view including churches, homes and a bridge.
  • Reverse: Basilisk (dragon) facing right holding shield with Basel city flower.
  • Images are taken with oblique lighting to show the luster, colorful toning and details. This would approximate what you would see my rotating the holder about a vertical axis relative to incident light. Coin is DARK toned, see the last two holder view images taken with FLAT light that show the tone but no luster or color.
  • Certified by NGC to AU 53, population census: This coin, only 5 higher.
  • Beautiful in hand.
  • Impressive large silver coin, approx. 36mm.