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1735 PCGS VF 20 Naples 120 Grana River God Volcano Italy Silver Coin (20020702C)

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  • Very Fine Naples and Sicily Silver 120 grana (= 1 piastra) coin.
  • Minted during Spanish rule.
  • Certified by PCGS to VF 20, well struck with great depiction of River God and volcano. Very pleasing in hand.
  • Davenport 1397.
  • Charles III (Spanish: Carlos; Italian: Carlo; 20 January 1716 – 14 December 1788) was King of Spain (1759–1788), after ruling Naples as Charles VII and Sicily as Charles V (1734–1759). He was the fifth son of Philip V of Spain, and the eldest son of Philip's second wife, Elisabeth Farnese. A proponent of enlightened absolutism, he succeeded to the Spanish throne on 10 August 1759, upon the death of his half-brother Ferdinand VI, who left no heirs.