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1710/00 NGC AU 55 Hannover 2/3 Thaler George I Brunswick Horse Coin POP 1/0 Unpubished (20092203C)

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  • Unpublished Almost Uncirculated George Ludwig Hannover Brunswick-Luneburg 2/3 thaler German State silver coin.
  • George Ludwig was Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg and would become king of Great Britain in 1714.
  • Brunswick/Luneburg would later become Hannover.
  • Features horse leaping to the left.
  • Clear overdate with 1710/00, not acknowledged by NGC, apparently UNPUBLISHED.
  • Large silver coin, approx 37mm, roughly equivalent to a British half crown, minted in fine (nearly pure) silver. 
  • Certified by NGC to AU AU 55, Population Census: This coin, none higher.
  • Lightly toned with nice luster.