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163 NGC XF LUCIUS VERUS Roman Empire Denarius Mars Rare Portrait 5/5 4/5 (18113001C)

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  • Extremely Fine Emperor Lucius Verus Roman Empire silver denarius coin.
  • Struck Dec 163 to Dec 164 CE, 3.32g, RSC 229a, RIC Not Listed, BMC 284.
  • Lucius Verus was Co-Emperor with Emperor Marcus Aurelius.
  • Rare cuirassed portrait, NOT in RIC. 
  • Certified by NGC to XFStrike 5/5, Surface 4/5.
  • Obverse: L VERVS AVG ARMENIACVS, cuirassed head right.
  • Reverse: TR P IIII IMP II COS II, Mars standing right holding spear and shield.
  • Mars was the Roman god of war and second only to Jupiter in the Roman pantheon.