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162 NGC AU Marcus Aurelius Denarius Concordia Roman Empire (20082002C)

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  • Almost Uncirculated Marcus Aurelius Roman Empire dated denarius, issued 161/2 CE (TRP XVI COS III), 3.23g, RSC 35, RIC 35.
  • Minted from Dec 161 to Dec 162 CE, during the second full year of his reign as Emperor. 
  • Certified by NGC to AU, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5.
  • Superb portrait of Marcus with fully rendered facial hair and curly hair.
  • Obverse: IMP M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG, bare head right.
  • Reverse: CONCORD AVG TR P XVI COS III, Concordia seated left holding patera and resting arm on statue of Spes, cornucopia under seat.
  • Concordia was the goddess of harmony and concord. She was a daughter of Ares and Aphrodite and as such presided over both marital harmony, soothing strife and discord, and harmonious action of soldiers in war.

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